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"artExperiments" is a Pune based venture which aims to provide innovative services, addressing the unique needs of the Art Community. This venture involves various real-life events & exhibitions leveraged by Internet Technology.

The Idea was conceived as a "Portal for Artists", in May 2000 by Raju Sutar & Sachin Phatak. Raju is an established Professional Artist, Sachin a Poet and also was an Entrepreneur then handling Internet Operations at PODC! - A partnership firm providing Internet Solutions.

The idea was latently taking shape during the period when both, Raju and Sachin concentrated on their own creative talents.

It was on 18th June 2005, Sachin left us forever in an accident, Vinesh Athma (Sachin's Partner in internet operations firm PODC!) and Raju decided to restructure and bring artExperiments in focus again.

Vaishali Oak's involvement in artExperiments is of a dedicated artist, from the very beginning.

Current Events:

‘A Journey from Cave Painting to Modern Art’ – Painting Workshop and Exhibition

Past Events:

'Young Art' 2006

24th November to 3rd December 2006.

'Graphic & Drawing' 2006 Part II
15th to 24th Sept. 2006.

'Graphic & Drawing' 2006 Part I
1st to 10th Sept. 2006.

'Expressions in
Miniature Size' 2006

21st to30th July 2006.

Project Calendar' 2006

'Young ART' I 2005

'Young ART' II 2005



Founder Artists

Raju     Sutar    Vaishali     Oak
This work you see along side is the result of a long journey of many curves. Raju started out on an exploration of curves as the route to reach the penultimate expression of Self.
After many fabulous canvasses, Raju’s vision has taken final shape here, as he proudly proclaims -“I am That”.
Vaishali was granted a government of India fellowship to explore the contemporary visual ethics & ethos of the traditional cultural Indian medium of ‘Godhadi’ or Quilt. Her vision has traversed the figurative and abstract, to
encompass the wear & tear of time, inherent in the Indian tribal Quilt. Her
work speaks from the heart about that which is true, sad & beautiful in Indian life.

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