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Raju     Sutar
This work you see along side is the result of a long journey of many curves. Raju started out on an exploration of curves as the route to reach the penultimate expression of Self.
After many fabulous canvasses, Raju’s vision has taken final shape here, as he proudly proclaims -“I am That”.


'black canvas' click here to view some of the latest works
'Shiva'(From the series: In conversation with ellora)18th to 27th November 2005
'Âmrüt - Ânubhâvã' 1st September 2003 to 7th September 2003
'Drawings' 23rd July 2004 to 31st July 2004
Holy Curves (2001-2002)
Oil on Canvas
Watercolour on Handmade Paper
Impression Hands (1999-2000)
Acrylic on Canvas
Water, Acrylic & Tempera Colours on Handmade Paper
Acrylic on Paper
Lamps (1998)
India Ink on Handmade Paper

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