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'Project Calendar' is a tribute to art, photography and calendar culture, and its ability to reach out the masses.
We feel there is nothing better than a calendar to bring out art in our everyday life.
our aim is to provide a platform to encourage aspiring photography enthusiasts through this 'Click Win' Competition.

'Project Calendar' 2006 was organized for the first time in India, by Pune based Studio Mars and artExperiments.com, this competition was met with an overwhelming response world wide.
With the help of renowned judges in the field of photography.
We have selected twelve entries, which have been exhibited in Waves Art Gallery and have been printed on to a table top calendar.

We sincerely thank:
Mr. R J Mehta (Technical consultant, Smart photography)
Tejal Patni (Renowned photographer)
Ashok Captain (Renowned photographer)

Nitco Tiles Ltd. Mumbai
K Joshi & Co. (Printing)
R R Prints (Paper)
Rounak Graphics
Vinesh Athma (PODC! internet Solutions)

Designers and Co-ordinater

Raju Sutar
Mangesh Lohpatre
Alankar Naik
Shobhana Hadap


Current Events:
‘A Journey from Cave Painting to Modern Art’ – Painting Workshop and Exhibition

Past Events:

'Project Calendar' 2006

'Young ART' I 2005

'Young ART' II 2005



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