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Vaishali     Oak
Vaishali was granted a government of India fellowship to explore the contemporary visual ethics & ethos of the traditional cultural Indian medium of ‘Godhadi’ or Quilt. Her vision has traversed the figurative and abstract, to
encompass the wear & tear of time, inherent in the Indian tribal Quilt. Her
work speaks from the heart about that which is true, sad & beautiful in Indian life.


'TIME' 10th to 19th February 2006
'Fabrics of reality' 22nd January to 30th january 2005
'Âmrüt - Ânubhâvã' 1st September 2003 to 7th September 2003
Quilts (2001-2002)
Fabric Assemblage
Masks (2000-2001)
Fabric Assemblage
Images (2000)
Poster Colour on Handmade Paper
Oil on Canvas

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