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The Mission of artExperiments is to provide a lifeline to the aspiring artists, while celebrating landmark achievements and evolving new perspectives in Visual Art; primarily through a free Web based support system and a series of events for the art community; to help unite & broaden the art community, catalyze change and bring art & community into contemporary focus.


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We are also presenting number of artists through our associated galleries (currently Waves Art Gallery), direct linking and annual projects like 'Young ART' and 'Project Calendar'.


Current Events:

‘A Journey from Cave Painting to Modern Art’ – Painting Workshop and Exhibition

Past Events:

'Young Art' 2006

24th November to 3rd December 2006.

'Graphic & Drawing' 2006 Part II
15th to 24th Sept. 2006.

'Graphic & Drawing' 2006 Part I
1st to 10th Sept. 2006.

'Expressions in
Miniature Size' 2006

21st to30th July 2006.

Project Calendar' 2006

'Young ART' I 2005

'Young ART' II 2005




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