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Raju     Sutar

Dear Visitor,
Welcome to the serene world of art. It is my pleasure to bring you the glimpses of the journey towards the knowledge of inner self, through the medium of visual art.
Artists are consciously or unconsciously involved in this quest, which is so unique! As unique as an individual. I believe, that each and every work of art is like a moments in life to share, apart from its technique and the process of execution.
Today, it is futile to talk only about the technique and the process. We have (I assume) learned several aspects through the works and lives of the masters, there is still a subtle most core to be explored, which is full of emotions, desire, divinity, anxiety, playfulness, sorrow, and what not. This is what I mean by the journey of inner self, but when it comes to the medium of 'Visual Art', the traveler must be well aware of translating his or her inner self into the medium. Tools to achieve the expected are just few, starts with a 'fine pair of eyes' and a 'pounding heart' ...to 'mental clarity', 'commitment' and 'sincerity'.
I promise to bring you the artists involved in this journey through my new medium of expression, namely artExperiments.com.
Thank you,

Raju     Sutar

The Mission of artExperiments is to provide a lifeline to the aspiring artists, while celebrating landmark achievements and evolving new perspectives in Visual Art; primarily through a free Web based support system and a series of events for the art community; to help unite & broaden the art community, catalyze change and bring art & community into contemporary focus.

Current Events:

‘A Journey from Cave Painting to Modern Art’ – Painting Workshop and Exhibition

Past Events:

'Young Art' 2006

24th November to 3rd December 2006.

'Graphic & Drawing' 2006 Part II
15th to 24th Sept. 2006.

'Graphic & Drawing' 2006 Part I
1st to 10th Sept. 2006.

'Expressions in
Miniature Size' 2006

21st to30th July 2006.

Project Calendar' 2006

'Young ART' I 2005

'Young ART' II 2005



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