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Melissa Wilkinson 'Expressions in Miniature Size' 2006
Casper, Watercolor on Paper, 10 X 15 cms.
This body of work reflects the adolescent preoccupation with male American celebrity. These miniatures are meant to evoke the youthful fixation with masculine archetypes and the contrasting beauty that we wish them to maintain. The watercolors replicate male celebrity images taken from the Internet, distorted with multiple computer programs, and then painted in scrupulous detail. They are distorted in a way to elicit the weepy, viscous quality of watercolor as well as the girlish, sentimental fantasy itself. The miniature best reflects the desire to covet these men's images visually but also the desire to be possessed by them physically. The arduous time spent pouring over these paintings is metaphoric of the misplaced fascination with American popular culture and the contradictions therein.



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